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[welcome] Welcome to EEK! For Teachers. These teacher pages are designed to help you help your students use the EEK! - Environmental Education for Kids! Web site. EEK!, an electronic magazine for kids in grades 4-8 is brought to you by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. EEK! provides current and accurate information on natural resources, along with career information; and it offers students the opportunity to take part in activities, make seasonal observations, and share stories and artwork. We hope you will use EEK! as a teaching tool to help you enhance your curriculum and that your students will find valuable information for reports, research, and career interests.

EEK! for Teachers will keep you informed about what's on the Web site, provide you with classroom activities to reinforce student information, and provide additional information and resources for you, the teacher. We'll also let you know what future topics will appear on EEK! so you can plan ahead. Stories will be changed regularly. Old stories will be archived on the site, so that over time our regular features on wildlife and endangered species will provide students with a library of Wisconsin species information.

Get started by clicking here to learn about how to familiarize your students with the layout and design of EEK! with a fun and educational EEK! Surfer Challenge activity sheet.

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