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World of the
White-tailed Deer


Educational trunks available statewide!

The World of the Whitetail is a new set of teaching trunks filled with activities that are targeted for students in the 6th-8th grade. Twenty-four different hands-on activities explore subjects such as biology, ecology, wildlife management, social studies, history, math, reading, and creative writing. The activities in the trunks were developed by Beth Mittermaier and John Cler, experienced educators at the middle school level, with input from DNR Wildlife Biologists.

Get your class thinking about the white-tailed deer, Wisconsin's most popular wild animal. Try out this new "Deer Talk" activity before you check out the trunks. Or, view the "Checking Out the Options" activity below, which is part of the trunk. Students can also read about Wisconsin's state wildlife animal on EEK!

Whitetails Unlimited is a national non-profit grass roots conservation organization supporting educational programs, habitat conservation, and preservation of the hunting tradition. They contributed substantial funds to create twenty sets of trunks from the original proto-type that DNR developed.

Teachers may check out the trunks thorough any one of Wisconsin's 12 Cooperative Education Service Agencies or at six DNR offices listed below the activity. Typically, teachers check out the trunks for two weeks, the first week to review the contents of the trunks and the second week to conduct the activities.

Activity: Checking Out the Options

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards:

C.8.9: Evaluate, explain, and defend their investigations
F.8.8: Investigate interdependence in populations and ecosystems

Language Arts:
C.8.1: Orally communicate information, opinions, and ideas
C.8.2: Listen to and comprehend oral communications
C.8.3: Participate effectively in discussion

Contact your local CESA (leaves EEK!) to borrow a trunk.

If a trunk is not available through your local CESA, contact the nearest DNR office to borrow a trunk.

DNR Offices with Deer Boxes

Whitetails Unlimited

  • (Sturgeon Bay), Peter Gerl (920) 743-6777

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