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A Recipe for Arbor Day


It all began in Nebraska in 1872. A special day was set aside for planting trees. This tree planting idea caught on and now we celebrate Arbor Day every year in Wisconsin on the last Friday of April each year.

Tree planting at the Capitol

It has been over 135 years since Julius Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day. He proposed that the celebration of Arbor Day was not only for an individual, but could also be shared by communities and civic groups.

There are many ingredients that can go into making an Arbor Day celebration. You can celebrate beyond the classroom and bring in your entire community. Think about incorporating local land owners, foresters, arborists, and landscapers. Together you can develop a grand celebration that everyone will remember.


Mix in...

Full lesson materials can be accessed from LEAF.

Nutritional Information

Benefits for Educators & Students
  • Teach Educators about forests, forestry, and foresters
  • Provide educators with positive outdoor, hands on learning experiences
  • Increased awareness, appreciation of, and respect for nature & forests
  • Learn the many benefits of forests biological, aesthetic, recreational, educational, environmental and economic.
  • Get familiar with forest management, fire prevention, forest health, forest ecology & wildlife
  • Take your students outside to learn about trees and forests.

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