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Alien Invasion

gypsy moth

This activity corresponds with the EEK story on the Alien invader: Gypsy Moth.

Grades: 6-12

Subjects: biology, geography, science, vocational agriculture

Objectives: Students will be able to understand and map the history of the spread of gypsy moth populations.

Material: Maps of the world, the United States and Wisconsin; markers, plastic overlay, a copy of the Student Page - Alien Invasion. There are many publications about the Gypsy Moth available to supplement this activity and can be downloaded or ordered through the Division of Forestry.


Divide the class into teams of 3-5 students each. Give each team a map of the world, the United States and Wisconsin. Using the introductory material in this activity, discuss gypsy moth origin, introduction and spread. Have students indicate the gypsy moth's native range and its spread in the United States and Wisconsin on plastic overlays.


1. Have students discuss individual actions that can slow the spread of the gypsy moth or lessen the impacts of an "outbreak". Advanced learners might be interested in linking susceptible Wisconsin forest cover-type to potential gypsy moth problems via the internet. Check out the many options to view maps of forests at DNR Maps & Aerial Photos .

2. Have students research other "alien invaders" and report on their status in Wisconsin. Students can visit EEK!--Environmental Education for Kids web pages and find information on zebra mussel, purple loosestrife, sea lamprey and more.

When you?re finished with this activity, students can go on to the next activity to learn more about the life cycle of the gypsy moth.

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