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Meet the EEK! Staff

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[The EEK Crew]
Carrie Jen Kewl Guy Janet

Far Left: Janet-Writer/Publisher;
Middle Front: Carrie-The BOSS;
Middle Back: Richard-Webpage Editor/Publisher;
Far Right: Jen-Former EEK! Web Editor/Publisher

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Hi there! Thanks for visiting EEK. My name is Janet and I love working for the Department of Natural Resources and producing EEK. My job is to do research, work with biologists, and write many of the stories that you read on EEK about wildlife, alien invaders, endangered species, and seasonal changes. I also find photos and graphics for stories and design some of the pages.

How did I get here? My family and Girl Scout troop went camping all over when I was young and I liked nature, so I took biology classes in high school. Then I went to college and got a degree in parks and recreation. Part of that degree was learning how to instruct people in outdoor activities like canoeing and rock climbing, and the other part was learning how to teach kids like you about the environment. After college I taught people about nature at nature and environmental education centers and wrote materials for teachers. I also helped teachers learn how to teach students like you about wildlife and habitats. At the DNR I have written many brochures about animals, habitats and places to see wildlife called Wildlife Viewing Areas and Wildlife Management Areas. I learned how to design Web pages while working here and then began to write stories for you on Web pages. I hope you like EEK and reading my stories.

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Hiya. I'm Richard and I've only worked for EEK a couple of months. I've put together Web pages for about 2 years, while also attending the University of Madison-Wisconsin full time. I got into Web design after finding out how easy it is, and that experience led me to Carrie, Janet, and ultimately, EEK. Now, I'm one of the people who brings the world of nature to you through the little plastic box sitting on your desk, or your lap.

I want to thank you all for coming to our site, and I hope you enjoy coming back again and again. I'll try to make it as fun as I can.


Hi! My name is Jen. I worked at the DNR, as a Web genie for EEK!, for the last 2 years. It was a cool job. My job was mainly doing the technical side of Web publishing. I programmed the Web pages and helped design most of the site. Web publishing is a fun career. There is always something new to learn. Technology for the Web changes rapidly, and it's important to stay on top of the latest trends.

Do you like surfing around on the Web? I sure do. This is the reason I became involved in Web publishing. While I was going to college for Family and Consumer Journalism, I got a job as a health and science editor for an online magazine. During this job, I started to learn how to program for the Web and use graphic software to spice up the pages. After gaining experience, I got a job working for the DNR as a Web page manager for the Communication and Education Bureau. My first big project was helping start up the EEK! Web site. This was a lot fun! Not only was I learning more about programming for the Web, I was learning about Wisconsin's natural resources. If you are interested in writing, designing, and computers; a job as a Web publisher may be right up your alley.


Working with computers was the furthest thing from my mind when I was finishing up my college work. But, now I m manager/editor for EEK! Sometimes careers take some interesting paths. I graduated from college with degrees in wildlife ecology and horticulture (the study of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants.) After college I worked on a project studying coyotes in northern Wisconsin. Then, I headed south to Texas while my husband was in graduate school. There I worked on a black-eyed pea breeding project.

I moved back to Madison and worked for public television for a little while until I was offered a job with the Department of Natural Resources as an environmental educator in the northeast part of Wisconsin. I taught teachers about the environment and helped them plan ways to teach students about the natural world. During this time, I also went back to school to get a graduate degree in public administration. This was to help me learn more about budgeting, supervising people, and managing large projects. After 7 years in Green Bay, I transferred to DNR in Madison to take a job as editor for EE News-Environmental Education in Wisconsin. EE News is a newsletter that goes out to teachers and others interested in environmental education. As editor, I write stories, help others with their stories, look for interesting stories, and make sure the newsletter gets put together and mailed out.

A couple years ago, I was asked to help put together a Web site for kids about the environment. I didn t know much about Web work, but it sure sounded like fun, so I said "sure." Jen and I got together and the result is EEK! Now, I m editor for both EE News and EEK! I like working on both and I sure have learned a lot about computers and the Web over the last couple of years.

Like I said, careers can take some interesting twists and turns. One thing I ve learned is never be afraid to try something new and learn more. I ve learned new things from every job I ve ever had.

Thanks for visiting EEK! All of us here love hearing from you.

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