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Forests Forever ParkPack

Family ParkPack

Forests Forever—that’s the goal of sustainable forestry! Through the activities, books, and other stuff in this ParkPack, you’ll learn the basics of sustainable forestry and why it’s important to you and the rest of the inhabitants of planet Earth.

The activities in the forestry backpack include these four adventures!

Next time you visit a participating state park or forest, ask to borrow the Forests Forever ParkPack.

Grab a Pack

You can find Forest Forever ParkPacks at these state parks and forests! Learn where the parks are located in Wisconsin (Leaves EEK!).

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Amnicon Falls State Park
Big Bay State Park
Blue Mound State Park
Brule River State Forest
Buckhorn State Park
Chippewa Moraine Ice Age State Recreation Area
Copper Falls State Park
Council Grounds State Park
Devil’s Lake State Park
Governor Dodge State Park
Harrington Beach State Park
Hartman Creek State Park
Havenwoods State Forest
High Cliff State Park
Interstate State Park
Kettle Moraine State Forest-Lapham Peak
Kettle Moraine State Forest-Northern Unit
Kettle Moraine State Forest-Pike Lake
Kettle Moraine State Forest – Southern Unit
Kohler Andrae State Park
Lake Kegonsa State Park
Lake Wissota State Park
Mirror Lake State Park
Newport State Park
Northern Highland / American Legion State Forest

Pattison State park
Peninsula State Park
Perrot State Park
Point Beach State Forest
Potawatomi State Park
Richard Bong State Recreation Area
Roche-A-Cri State Park
Wildcat Mountain State Park
Willow River State Park
Wyalusing State Park
Yellowstone Lake State Park

Exploring the Forest


Venture forth to explore the plants, animals, and environmental conditions that come together to make forests. Investigate the major role trees play in shaping the forests’ biodiversity and future.

  • Checking Out Biodiversity: Compare the variety of plants and animals in a forest ecosystem to the variety in a campground.

  • Name That Tree: Identify common Wisconsin trees using a simple key.

  • Is it Dead?: Consider the life cycle of a tree and discover how trees continue to provide habitat even after death.

  • Campfire Rings: Learn to read your firewood’s growth rings and relate them to environmental conditions.

  • Veteran Trees: Discover some of the stories that older trees tell by looking for and interpreting scars, deformities, and growth patterns.

Searching for Connections


A forest is much more than trees. A forest is a community of interdependent organisms. Discover the web of life in the forest and begin to explore how everything is connected to everything else.

  • It Does What?: Figure out how everyday objects can remind us of the ecological benefits of forests.

  • Operation Moth: Take a look at the life stages of the gypsy moth, learn how to recognize them, and do your part to manage their populations.

  • Garlic Mustard Alert: Meet an aggressive alien and find out how you can help control the invasion.

  • Global Warning: Read about a young wood thrush and take a birdwatching hike.

  • Lookin’ at Lichens: Compare the level of air pollution in different parts of the park by examining lichens.

picnic table

Living on Earth

We are part of the forest community, too! Investigate how our needs, wants, and decisions impact the forests and the future.

  • Sustainable Forestry in a Nutshell: Gather acorns and discover how they unlock the meaning of sustainable forestry.

  • Playing with the Future: Play a game about timber harvesting, read about a tree, and think about who “owns” and “manages” the forests.

  • Camping with the Trees: Search your campsite for obvious and not-so-obvious forest products.

  • Reconsidering Resources: Reflect on the consumer decisions you make when going camping and reconsider the options that are available.

  • Where’s MY Tree?: Use forestry measurement tools to find a tree large enough to supply you with wood and paper for one year.

  • Wisconsin’s Outdoor Playgrounds: Find out what people expect from their state parks and how the parks try to meet those expectations.


Just for Fun!

Kick back and relax. Here are some great ideas for making your visit to a state park, trail, or forest a memorable one!

  • Forest Log: Take a solo walk and record the sights and sounds of the forest.

  • Ashes to Ashes . . . Embers to Art: Use charcoal from your campfire to capture a forest on paper.

  • Hungry? Cold?: Stoke up a fire and taste the bounty of the forest.

  • Big Tree Hunters: Find and measure the biggest trees at the park.

  • Who Me?: Decide whether your perception of trees reveals anything about your personality.

  • Treevia!: Stump your friends with nearly useless tree information and ridiculous riddles.

    Now that you've enjoyed learning about forests, check out the Great Lakes Park Pack.

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